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Responsible Energy Management:

Technology for the built environment, enabling

stewardship of the natural environment


Humans have long exerted an influence on the environment.  Centuries ago we transformed the forests of Europe and Asia into fields.  We have modified soil and landforms worldwide through agriculture and urbanization.  And we have profoundly altered the hydrosphere:  changing the physical and chemical characteristics of streams and ground water, draining wetlands and constructing reservoirs. 


Technological advances have allowed us more and more the ability to manipulate and shape our physical environment, in both intended and unintended ways.  Humans are now the dominant agent of ecological and geomorphic change on the Earth’s surface, transforming habitat and moving sediment more than any natural geological agent.  And we are increasingly responsible for rapid changes in the composition of Earth’s atmosphere. 


Technology and engineering have provided us a means for the conveniences of the modern age, but have also produced the unintended problems of environmental degradation.  Society is now recognizing these problems and is increasingly turning to technology and engineering for solutions. 


At H I Solutions, our engineers are committed to using the most advanced technologies to help solve some of our most pressing problems, beginning with energy management. 

If we want to curb our uncontrolled experimentation with the Earth-Atmosphere system, the place to start is by limiting our alteration of the atmosphere’s composition.  Consider the global carbon cycle for example.  Carbon moves naturally between three primary reservoirs: the land, oceans, and atmosphere.  Humans can modify, and have for a long time modified, the partitioning of carbon between these storages.  Deforestation, for example, transfers carbon from the land surface to the atmosphere. 




In contrast, the burning of fossil fuels, an isolated and otherwise unavailable carbon reservoir, represents an entirely new flux of carbon to the atmosphere.  In relying heavily on fossil fuels, we are conducting an unprecedented experiment in altering atmospheric composition, with results that are difficult to predict. 


The combustion of fossil fuels also releases many harmful additions to our living space:  pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organics, mercury, arsenic, lead, and other toxic heavy metals.  Regardless of your view on the global warming debate, it seems prudent from any perspective to limit our dependency on fossil fuels. 


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), forty percent of carbon emissions in the U.S. are attributed to buildings, primarily due to energy consumed for lighting and for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).  Much of the energy consumption associated with these emissions can be averted through basic energy efficiency projects.  Improved building efficiency is the single most effective step society can take toward limiting energy consumption, carbon emission, and accompanying pollutants. 


And these environmental benefits can be achieved while simultaneously saving money on energy costs.  The initial investment for implementing an energy management system is recouped in savings within months to a couple of years for most facilities. 


H I Solutions provides new technologies that enable you to achieve cost savings through a reduction in energy consumption.  We provide a suite of solutions and services to monitor, evaluate, control, and report energy use for a variety of facilities and settings.  Our goal is to give you the tools you need to join the global effort in sustaining a healthy environment.  


Check out the following tools for responsible energy management:


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HVAC Control

Custom Controls

Energy Reporting

LEED Certification


About H I Solutions

Since 1974 H I Solutions has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions for building management needs with computer-based automation systems for industrial, commercial, office, retail, educational, and healthcare facilities.  Our distribution channels include a network of Independent Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and National Accounts.  Headquartered outside Atlanta, Georgia, H I Solutions is committed to offering quality engineering and performance, low overall cost, and unparalleled customer service.