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As a facility manager, maintenance personnel, or building owner, you need to be in the know about your facilities. Our building management systems can keep you knowledgeable about key performance:
        * How much electrical energy is your building consuming?
        * What peak demand (KW) have you reached?
        * How much water are you using? How much gas?


As a manager, you need to be in control of your facilities. Our devices can put you in control.
        * Achieve your goals of lowering energy costs 20% to 40%
        * Lighting controls that respond to occupancy or time schedule.
        * Temperature setpoints that allow comfort policies to be enforced.
        * Web-based overrides.
        * Achieve your corporate goal of reducing Green-House Gas emissions.
        * Better manage all of your equipment assets – rooftops, air handlers, chillers, power meters, boilers, and much more.

Need a control system that grows with you?

Our products are designed to be cost-effective for installation and long-term operation. Regardless of the size of the facility or the number of facilities to be managed. We offer cost-effective solutions aimed at small buildings, large buildings, and multi-site installations. Control changes can be easily handled by local distributor or even the end customer.


Need a control system that adapts to technology improvements?

We do not plan equipment obsolescence like many in the industry. We have worked hard over the years to enable our customers to maintain and leverage their investment in installed control products, and even bring them into the Internet Era with minimal expense.


Need support with your system?

A control system is only as good as distributor and manufacturer support. At H I Solutions, we concentrate on building long term partnerships between the end-user, the distibutor, and the manufacturer. Because of this, a stable and reliable support network among distributors and the manufacturer is in place to help the end user achieve the best result


Are flexibility and compatability of concern?

The flexibility of our controls allows adaptation over time and to particular processes.  We have a committment to compatibility which has been proven again and again.  Equipment installed during the 1970s can still be used with the latest web applications.  We have a committment to making reliable, cost-effective equipment designed for long term performance.  

Contact us to locate a distributor in your area who could help you with your challenges.


About H I Solutions

Since 1974 H I Solutions has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions for building management needs with computer-based automation systems for industrial, commercial, office, retail, educational, and healthcare facilities.  Our distribution channels include a network of Independent Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and National Accounts.  Headquartered outside Atlanta, Georgia, H I Solutions is committed to offering quality engineering and performance, low overall cost, and unparalleled customer service.