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H I Solutions installs a wireless system for stadium lighting controls





H I Solutions recently installed a Field CommanderTM building automation system in one of the largest high schools in the U.S., with an enrollment of over 4,000 students.  The system controls lighting and HVAC for the main school building where the classrooms and cafeteria are located and a remote field house, housing a weight room, locker room, and athletic offices. 


Recent landscaping near the football stadium damaged the LAN line that ran through an underground conduit from the main school building out to the field house.  The facility managers determined that replacing the line would be quite costly, but they needed some way to maintain communications with the remote site and field lighting from the main building. 


That’s when H I Solutions stepped in with a wireless system to restore communications.  to cover the nearly 1,000-foot distance.  An access point was stationed inside the main building and a bridge placed in the field house, communicating via 2.4 GHz antennae. 


Now the field house unitary controllers are accessed wirelessly from the main building to control HVAC and lighting panels for the field house and lighting for the adjacent football stadium, baseball fields, and soccer fields.  The problem was solved quickly and at a fraction of the cost to restore the conduit in the ground.  Now similar remotely accessed lighting control systems are being planned for field and stadium lighting throughout the school district. 


About H I Solutions

Since 1974 H I Solutions has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions for building management needs with computer-based automation systems for industrial, commercial, office, retail, educational, and healthcare facilities.  Our distribution channels include a network of Independent Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and National Accounts.  Headquartered outside Atlanta, Georgia, H I Solutions is committed to offering quality engineering and performance, low overall cost, and unparalleled customer service.