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A Multiphase Energy Efficiency Project at an Industrial Facility in Kentucky
H I Solutions, Inc. has enabled an industrial plant in Kentucky to implement a series of energy efficiency projects over a four-year period with substantial energy reduction and cost savings.
This manufacturing facility saw a 20% reduction in energy use.
Prior to the energy project, the plant consumed up to 60,000 kWh per day, with peak demand nearing 3,200 kW. Electricity bills were as high as $80,000 per month. A lighting initiative in 2007 involved replacing bulbs and fixtures with energy efficient alternatives. Next an H I Solutions Field CommanderTM energy managment system (EMS) was commissioned in early 2009. The EMS enabled control of HVAC equipment for building and zone scheduling and specification of appropriate temperature set points. In January 2010 the plant increased production run time from 4.5 days to 6.5 days per week. At the same time, demand control procedures were initiated using the H I Solutions EMS capabilities to further reduce peak demand.
Monthly savings model that takes into account temperature, productivity, and energy cost changes.
The net effect was a more than 20% reduction in energy use, with a savings of 15,000 kWh per day. Peak demand was reduced by as much as 940 kW. During a time when electricity consumption and demand rates increased and while production run time intensified, electricity costs at the plant have actually decreased. A model that takes into account changes in temperature, plant productivity, and energy costs indicates the plant is currently saving in excess of $20,000 per month. Total cumulative savings from 2007 through June 2010 are estimated at $522,000. ROI for this project was 9 months. Plans are now being made to conduct similar energy projects at affiliated plants across the U.S. because of the success demonstrated here.

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