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Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased steadily to a concentration of over 380 ppm since the late 1950s when measurements were first made at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.  Though present in small amounts, greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, and others, have the property of absorbing longwave radiant energy that leaves the earth surface.  Rather than escaping to space, this energy is re-irradiated back to Earth as counter-radiation.  An increase in the concentration of such gases cause the temperatures at the Earth surface to rise. 


A global movement among governments, business leaders, and other organizations seeks to curb greenhouse gas emissions.  One of the largest anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum-based fuels, as are used in many electric generating facilities.  Buildings account for 50 to 80 % of the greenhouse gas emissions of  most cities.  Building control systems such as ours represent perhaps the single most effective solution to curbing global greenhouse gas emissions by making buildings more energy efficient.


About H I Solutions

Since 1974 H I Solutions has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions for building management needs with computer-based automation systems for industrial, commercial, office, retail, educational, and healthcare facilities.  Our distribution channels include a network of Independent Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and National Accounts.  Headquartered outside Atlanta, Georgia, H I Solutions is committed to offering quality engineering and performance, low overall cost, and unparalleled customer service.